Free time Activities


There is a library in almost every locality or city in Finland. Libraries are open and free of charge to all. To borrow books, you need a Library Card. In addition to books, you can borrow sports equipment and board games, for example. With the library card you can also use other library services, such as public computers, scanning- and copying equipment. You can apply for a free library card from the library in your area. The library cards of Päijät-Häme region libraries are valid in all public libraries in the whole  region. 
Lahti City Library is located at Kirkkokatu 31, information on all Lahti libraries can be found here:
Information about all the Lahti region libraries can be found here: Info | Lastu-kirjastot (

The multilingual library

If the library does not have books in your own language, your own library can order them there from a multilingual library. The multilingual library has material in more than sixty languages. The collections of a multilingual library can be borrowed from any library in Finland. See this library's homepages here:

Sports and physical fitness services

The Päijät-Häme region offers excellent leisure activity opportunities and sports services. If you want more information about what leisure time activities you can participate in and where you can do outdoors and indoors sport in Lahti, see the following link:
If you are willing to join and participate in sports club activities, you can find the sports clubs in Lahti and the surrounding region under the following link: Urheiluseurat - Lahti - - UrheiluSuomi
Sport and physical fitness services are offered by Pajulahti Sports Institute: Liikuntakeskus Pajulahti, The Sport Institute of Finland, Vierumäki: Urheilulajit - Vierumäki (
More information about fitness and sport activities can be obtained from the website of the Päijät-Sport Association: Päijät-Hämeen Liikunta ja Urheilu ry (


Do you have extra free time and would you like to volunteer? You can get acquainted with the opportunities for volunteering from this link:  Here you can find the brochures and contact information of the municipalities of Lahti, Hollola, Heinola and Asikkala.

Organisations and meeting places 

In the Lahti region, in addition to municipal services, there are many associations and organisations that organize all kinds of leisure activities. You can meet new people, pass your free time and study or practice the Finnish language for free in discussion clubs. For example, check out the websites of the different meeting places listed below:


A multicultural centre operating as part of the youth services of the City of Lahti, which acts an open centre for residents’ activities. The aim of Multi-Culti is to promote diversity and equality and to support inclusion and integration in the Lahti region. Multi-Culti is an international meeting place and “living room:

Harjulan Setlementti

It operates locally in Lahti and offers a wide range of services. Harjula has a Public room with newspapers, a computer and games.  Read more about the services offered by Harjula Setlementti here:

Monitoimikeskus Takatasku – Activity Centre

An activity centre in Lahti that promotes employment and a meaningful lifestyle. The canteen and Café Eila offer low-cost lunch and café services. Takatasku also offers work trials, support work and volunteer jobs. Takatasku publishes a calendar of events, which can be obtained, for example, from the city library and employment office, see:

Tripla Youth Space

A low threshold meeting place organised by the City of Lahti for youngsters from 13–25-years of age. Located in Trio shopping centre Tripla is a space where young people can meet, use the Wi-Fi, play games and chill out. The supervisors of the space are always there during opening hours for discussion and support in needed. The space is open on Tuesdays to Fridays 14:00-19:00 for 13-25-year-olds. See:

Youth Gaming Space Xperience

Gaming Space Xperience is a youth space which provides video game activities to 10-29 year-olds free of charge. The gaming space is a great environment for youths to play video games safely and to make friends in the process. The youth can be supported and joined by the space's counselor. Guardians are also welcome to get to know the space during opening hours. More information (in Finnish):


The association EHYT offers substance abuse prevention services at this low-threshold meeting place in Lahti. At Elokolo you can enjoy morning porridge or a cup of coffee, read the daily newspapers or simply just chat with the staff. There are two computers with network connection available:

Jyränkölän Setlementti

Jyränkölä Setlementti in Heinola offers a wide range of services. Jyränkölä has a café called HeiMo, which acts as a training café for immigrant students. HeiMo is a meeting place open to everyone, where numerous free events are organised, for example a knitting café and band evenings:  Read more about the services offered by Jyränkölä Setlementti here:

Mesta Youth space 

A low-threshold guidance place in Hollola for young people aged 13–29. The service is aimed at those young people with need for extra support, but all kinds of youngsters are welcome to take part in the activities:


You can find information about activities for young people here:


Parishes provide daily help, spiritual support, and leisure activities. Read more on the websites of the parishes in the Lahti region
Lahti Association of Parishes:
Hollola Parish:
Heinola Parish:
Asikkala Parish:
Iitti Parish:
Myrskylä Parish:
Pukkila Parish:
Lahti Pentecostal Church:,
Heinola Pentecostal Church:
Orimattila Pentecostal Church:

Finnish Red Cross Local Branches 

The local branches carry out activities of the Red Cross while providing opportunities for a wide range of voluntary activities. Lahti Local branch:
You can find information on the local branches of other municipalities in the website of the Häme district Red Cross:

Kaupunkikylä - Urban Village

A community operating in the Lahti region, providing housing services and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities. The urban village is an active player in the Lahti region, which strives to build a more open society in which people needing support can live and have a safe and rich life according to their own abilities. Kaupunkikylä 2025 |

Lahti 4H-Association

Life management support services for children and young people; it has clubs, courses and work activities. The association also offers work trials and leisure activities to immigrants. Read more here: Internationality | Lahden 4H-yhdistys ry,

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare ( does work for the benefit of children, young people and families with children. You can read more about volunteering and the services offered by the association on the website: (Ystäväksi Maahanmuuttajaäidille | Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliiton Lahden yhdistys ry. (