Getting around

Lahti Travel Centre

Lahti Travel Centre is a transport hub that brings local and long-distance transportation together in Päijät-Häme. For more information about Lahti Travel Centre, please visit the VisitLahti website.

Public transportation

Local Buses

In the Lahti region, local bus transportation is carried out by LSL. The Kauppatori market square is the main hub for the light-blue LSL buses which also pass through the Lahti Travel Centre. Please check the ticket prices, travel zones, timetables, and customer service information on the LSL website. It is recommended to use the Waltti travel card for paying LSL bus transport fares.

Long-distance Buses

The Lahti Travel Centre bus terminal serves as a stop in Lahti for all long-distance express buses. However, when it comes to regional transport, bus operators may have their own routes that do not necessarily pass through the Lahti Travel Centre. All long-distance bus routes and stops can be found on the Matkahuolto website.


All long-distance passenger trains stop at the Lahti Travel Centre train terminal providing easy access to other cities. For example, the journey from Lahti to Helsinki can take as little as 50 minutes at its fastest by train. For more information about train connections and to check the timetables, please visit the VR website.

To the airport

Helsinki-Vantaa airport can easily be reached from Lahti either by bus or by train. Direct buses run approximately once an hour and the journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. More information on airport buses and related timetables can be found on the the Matkahuolto website.

The train connection to Helsinki-Vantaa airport runs via Tikkurila station. With the transfer, the journey takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. More information on trains to the airport and related timetables can be found on the VR website.

To passenger ports

There are several bus connections from Lahti to passenger ports in Helsinki with connections to Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Travemünde. Read more information about the ports on the Port of Helsinki website and find out about bus connections to the ports on the Matkahuolto website.


You can use a taxi service when needed. It is also possible to get reimbursement for taxi services from Kela for health reasons or on account of inadequate transportation infrastructure. Please read more about the requirements for reimbursement of travel costs on Kela's website. To find out how to book a taxi when you have received the right for reimbursement, please visit this website. The Kela reimbursed taxi service provider in Päijät-Häme is Taksi Päijänne.

On the (in Finnish) or (in Finnish) websites it is possible to search for taxi service providers by city. Some examples of taxi service providers in Lahti and neighbouring municipalities are Lahden Aluetaksi, Menevä, Lahen Taksi, Petax Lahti (in Finnish) and Taksi-Häme (in Finnish). 02 Taksi is a service that combines and compares the taxi service providers throughout the country.

Private car

For information about selling or purchasing a car, registration of a vehicle and taxation, please visit the website of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). You can also read more about vehicle taxation issues directly on the Tax Administration's website. Please note that there is an additional taxation for diesel-driven vehicles. More information about the nature and amount of vehicle tax can be found on Traficom’s website.

For information about importing a vehicle from abroad, please visit this site.

According to Finnish legislation, all vehicles used on the road must have motor vehicle liability insurance. Insurance providers can be found easily, even directly from registration points (Katsastusasema). Examples of insurance service providers are listed in the “Insurance” section. (Guide to Päijät-Häme - Banking, Insurance, Mobile & Internet).

Renting a car

Renting a car can be a solution for short-term trips for difficult to reach locations. In Päijät-Häme, the Lahti travel centre is the hub for renting a car, with service and pick-up points of several different service providers. To find available rental cars in the Lahti region, you can check, for example, the websites of Lahden Autovuokraus (in Finnish),, Avis and Europcar.

Lahden Autovuokraus also offers a carsharing service in the Lahti region. There are several electric cars available at four pick-up points. The cars can be booked via an application. Please read more about the carsharing service on the Lahden Autovuokraus website.

Cycling in the Lahti region

Lahti has a comprehensive network of cycling paths, and relatively short distances making cycling a convenient way to get around the city. Please use the city’s map service to find suitable cycle paths and routes in Lahti.

If you are interested in cycling longer distances in the Lahti region, please see the regional cycle path map showing routes that are suitable for cycling to Heinola, Orimattila, Asikkala and Kärkölä.

In the spring of 2022, the City of Lahti will launch a network of 250 electric-assisted city bikes. The new city bike system will already be available for testing in the autumn of 2021. For information about city bikes, please visit the City of Lahti website (in Finnish).

If you are looking to buy a used bicycle in Lahti, you can check out what is available from the following stores:

For rental bikes, please see the VisitLahti website.