Dear all who have come in Lahti from Ukraine, a warm welcome!


Dalia Stasevska, Chief Conductor of Lahti Symphony, has her roots in Ukraine. In her video greeting, she wishes, on behalf of the city, everyone arrived in Lahti from Ukraine warmly welcome to listen to our orchestra’s music, watch the city theatre’s plays and admire the city museum’s exhibitions.

Link to the video greeting by Dalia Stasevska, Chief Conductor of Lahti Symphony.

Lahti has good services, everyday life is smooth and nature is close by. Lahti is also a well-known sports and cultural city. The city of Lahti wants to invite you to listen to the tunes of our orchestra, watch the plays of the city theatre and see the exhibitions of the city museums.
With a Ukrainian passport, you can experience these experiences free of charge until 31 May 2022 and swim in the swimming pools too. The library's services are free of charge for everyone.

Versatile sports and outdoor activities all year round

Lahti is known as an international sports city. Every year, e.g. international Salpausselkä Games are arranged. Our city offers a wide range of sports opportunities for sports and outdoor activities: ski tracks, jogging trails, outdoor sports venues, outdoor fitness equipment, nature, hiking network and sheds, frisbee golf, pumptrack track and beaches. There are almost active 100 sports clubs in Lahti, which also offer various recreational possibilities.

Swimming pool facilities and gyms

With the Ukrainian passport, you have free access to water sports in the swimming pools of Kivimaa, Lahti, Saksala and Nastola as well as to the gyms located in swimming pool premises and outdoor swimming pool.

Parks and green areas

The city has 159 public play areas, the nearest being usually less than 500 meters away. Laune Family Park has plenty to do for the whole family in all seasons: slides, climbing frames, a traffic park, a motor track. The family park is part of a diverse central park area, which includes an arboretum, a mini golf course, a parkour park, a skate park and the Yli-Marola 4H pet court.

Lahti is an attractive cultural and event city

Lahti city theatre– experiences for all ages

Lahti City Theatre offers diverse, artistically high-quality repertoire from children's theatre to major musicals.
With the Ukrainian passport, you can get free performances of the Waitress-musical until 14 May.

Recommended age from 12 years

Tickets can be booked at the city theatre ticket shop, Kirkkokatu 14

The ticket shop is open during the performance season Tue-Fri 11 am-5pm

Sinfonia Lahti – emotions in all tones

 Sinfonia Lahti, The Lahti Symphony Orchestra offers unique experiences in its concerts held at Sibelius Hall that is well known for its top acoustics. Music is a common language for us all.  

With a Ukrainian passport, you can enter Sinfonia Lahti's spring concerts are free of charge at Sibelius Hall until 19 May 2022. The concerts are also available to everyone free of charge on our website SL ClassicLive channel and the SL ClassicLive mobile application.

Tickets can be booked at the concert evening box office, Sibelius Hall, Ankkurikatu 7

Open on concert nights one hour before the concert until the start of the program.

Check out the orchestra and concert program:   

Lahti City Museums
Ski Museum Next to the ski jumping hills of Salpausselkä, it tells the history of Finnish winter sports.
Radio-and tv-museum Mastola at the foot of the radio masts presents the history of the Finnish radio and TV industry.
Malva, the new Lahti Museum of Visual Arts, will open to the public at the end of April 2022. Malva's art, design and poster content offers experiences and activities for large consumers of culture, families with children and first timers respectively. Malva operates in the old Mallasjuoma property, in the Malski Centre in the centre of Lahti.

With a Ukrainian passportt you can enter the exhibitions of the city museum free of charge,

See museum exhibitions, addresses and opening hours: 

Lahti Children (Winter) carnival 21.5.–3.6.2022

Corona restrictions postponed this year’s 2022 (Winter) carnival far into spring. (Winter) carnivals are held from 21 May to 3 June 2022 with the theme Lumikukka (Snowbird) and Naavaparta (Beard Moss)! The program includes concerts, puppet theatre, exhibitions and outdoor events.

The Lahti Children's (Winter) Carnival is one of Finland's most traditional and largest children's festivals, where children are the audience, participants and performers. 

With the Ukrainian passport you get free admission to all carnival performances. See the program at

Lahti Youth Theatre's 60th anniversary show

Lahti Youth Theatre turns 60 this year and is the oldest youth theatre in Finland. The play Eros ja Psyckhe, performed in May 2022, will be presented as a celebration.

With a Ukrainian passport you get free admission to a youth theatre show.

Ticket reservations: and tel. 044 716 1601 (9 am - 3 pm)

Cultural program for schoolchildren

Comprehensive school students in the city of Lahti get to know the city's cultural sites - including theatre performances, concerts, museum exhibitions and library services - according to a common cultural program. In each year, primary school students become acquainted with one or more of the city's cultural sites during the school day and under the guidance of a teacher.

Efekti Children's Cultural Centre organizes cultural offerings for daycare centres and schools in the area. Cultural activities support arts and cultural education in day care centres and schools.

Let’s do together

Lahti is a city that the residents develop together and that is constantly forming new distinctive creations. Authenticity, courage, ingenuity and contrast make Lahti the city of Lahti.

Wellamo Community College 
Practice, study, develop and learn new things at the civic college for all ages! Exercise, dance, languages, crafts, visual arts, music, theatre and word arts, media education, basic art education, digital skills, lectures and events.

Information on recreational opportunities and leisure activities for children, young people and families in Lahti.

Libraries are open spaces for eryone  

The library is a safe place to work, study, meet people, enjoy or participate in the services provided by the library. Library services are free of charge.

The libraries offer various events, group activities and guided tours for all ages. For instance, group guides, plain language library guides and guide videos as well as material in different languages ​​are available to immigrants. Ask our staff for more information and guidance.

You will receive a library card for the duration of your stay in Finland. With the library card, you can borrow library materials, reserve computers and library facilities for customer use. Libraries contain a wide range of materials for children, young people and adults. We also have extensive collections of e-material.

Lahti has a main library, six local libraries, two library service points and two mobile libraries. Six local libraries have their own opening hours every day from 6 am to 10 pm, which means that you can access the library outside of business hours. Ask your local library for guidance on using your self-service library.

Information about the library's services and opening hours:

Youth services provide activities, leisure functions, support and guidance

Leisure activities are available for young people aged 4 to 9 and older. For instance, in youth clubs or hobby clubs, you can enjoy music, exercise, craftsmanship and gaming, among other things. There is a great deal to do during the school holidays.