Päijät-Sote brings together the social and health services of our region (Asikkala, Hartola, Heinola, Hollola, Iitti, Kärkölä, Lahti, Myrskylä, Orimattila, Padasjoki, Pukkila and Sysmä) to make it easier to find the service needed. Päijät-Sote is available to all residents of the Päijät-Häme Region. Have a look at the website of Päijät-Sote at: (in Finnish)
Instagram and Twitter: @paijatsote

Through the website of Päijät-Sote, you can book your own appointment with a doctor, nurse or dentist, for example. Please note that you need to choose the right service according to the city or municipality you live in. If you have difficulty using properties of this website, you can leave a message via Päijät-Sote chat. The chat is open on weekdays from 8 to 15. The chat is intended for general advice: The chat can be accessed from the bottom corner of the opening page of the website. You can also download the Päijät-Sote app on your mobile phone.

The Harju digi-health clinic for residents of Lahti, Iitti and Kärkölä

Residents of Lahti, Iitti and Kärkölä can get rapid healthcare without a reservation. The remote reception deals with symptoms that do not require a physical examination. The digital clinic has a remote doctor and nurse reception, where you can get help around the clock. To access these digital services, you need to log in to the online service at: (in Finnish). When you enter the website, you can go directly to the digital clinic with your own online banking credentials. Once you have signed in, you can get help and make an appointment for the following things: 
Respiratory system symptoms and coronavirus tests 
If you are experiencing respiratory infection symptoms and suspect you have contracted the coronavirus, make an appointment for testing at Omaolo or phone the on-call helpline 116117.
For other symptoms and healthcare 24/7
On-call doctor every day from 7 to 23 and for the evaluation of the need for medical care from 23–7.
Medical care related counseling, Monday to Friday from 8–20, Saturday from 10–16
Dental and oral health, Monday to Friday from 8–20
For expert oral health advice, self-care instructions and recommendations for follow-up treatment.
Concerns about your ability to cope  Monday to Friday from 8–16
Discussion with a social counselor about addictions, mental health and dealing with social situations.

The central telephone service for Harjun terveys health centres and dental care centres for  residents of Lahti, Iitti and Kärkölä 

If you are unable to use the digital clinic, contact the sote centres directly by phone. The health centres and dental clinics have a centralised telephone service. They will call you back.  
The centralised telephone service of the health centres is available on Monday to Friday from 8–20, and on Saturday from 10–16, tel: (03) 410 89 420
Lahti Sote-centre | Harjun terveys
Nastola Sote centre | Harjun terveys
Iitti Sote-centre | Harjun terveys
Kärkölä Sote-centre| Harjun terveys

The centralised telephone service for dental care is available on Monday to Friday from 8–16, tel: 040 688 8675. They will call you back.
See dental clinics at this site: Harjun terveys 

 Appointments for dental care in Lahti: Tel: 040 688 8675 Monday to Friday From 8 to 16

Lahti laboratory

In Lahti you can visit the city laboratory Fimlab Aleksanteri at Aleksanterinkatu 24, 15140 Lahti:
The laboratory operates on an appointment basis with waiting numbers on Monday to Thursday from 7 -18 and Friday from 7–16. You can go there without an appointment if your treatment unit has requested testing as an emergency, to pick up aids for home sampling, or to return samples taken at home.
Fimlab Aleksanteri also has five Nopsa express service points, where you can get attention smoothly without an appointment on weekdays from 7–15. Nopsa-service points are intended only for taking blood samples, for other matters make an appointment on Monday to Thursday from 7–18 and on Friday from 7–16. It is easy to book a laboratory time on-line here:
For appointments by phone: 010808515 (on weekdays from 7 to 18) 

Hollola, Heinola, Asikkala, Padasjoki, Orimattila, Hartola, Myrskylä, Pukkila and Sysmä social and healthcare services 

Hollola, Asikkala, Padasjoki, Orimattila, Hartola, Myrskylä and Pukkila health centres and dental clinics can be found on the webpages:
Sote-health centres - Päijät-Sote ( 
Dental clinics - Päijät-Sote (

If you live in Heinola or Sysmä, you can find social and health services on the websites of those towns: Social and health services, Dental care - Heinola Social and health services, Oral hygiene care | Sysmä social and health services (

Akuutti 24

In the evenings, at night and on weekends, in urgent cases you can visit the Akuutti24 emergency centre of Päijät-Häme Central Hospital. Akuutti24 treats those patients who cannot wait for examination or treatment until the next working day. 
If your teeth are causing you severe pain and you cannot get treatment elsewhere, Akuutti 24 also has a dental emergency service every day from 8 to 21. 
Always call the on-call telephone reception at 116117 before going there. Akuutti24: (in Finnish)
Remember to bring along your Kela card!


If there is a serious situation where somebody's life is threatened, call the emergency number 112. You can call the emergency number even if you do not speak Finnish, the emergency centre can arrange for telephone interpretation if necessary.  
You can also download the 112 application on your phone from your own app store. The application speeds up access to help in an emergency. Your exact location is automatically transmitted to the emergency centre, which speeds up dealing with emergency calls.

Päijät-Häme Welfare Consortium Immigrant Services 

These immigrant services provide integration-promoting social services only to quota refugees and to those asylum seekers who have received a positive residence permit decision, and do so for the first three years after moving to Finland. To get Päijät-Häme Welfare Consortium immigrant service counseling and to make an appointment for a social worker / social counselor go to Kotouttamo at Lahti Palvelutori in Trio Shopping Centre, Aleksanterinkatu 18 A, 2nd floor, Monday to Friday 9–15:00. Social counselors and social workers of the immigrant services of the Päijät-Häme Welfare Consortium can be accessed by appointment at Vapaudenkatu 23 A, 4th floor. 

Help in a crisis situations

Information and support for mental health, intoxicant abuse and other everyday problems is available online and over the phone. You should not be all alone with your problems, but feel free to contact the following people who can offer help in various life crisis situations: 
Päijät-Sote: Mental health - Päijät-Sote (
Lahti Region Crisis Centre:
Victim Support Finland - Riku:
Victims of human trafficking